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Military Surplus

The genuine article. Authentic military surplus clothing and equipment from Austria, Belgium, Britain, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the good ol' U.S.A. and more! When it's no longer needed by the military, or they just have more than they can handle, Barre Army Navy brings it to you. New and used in near-perfect condition, made to the highest military standards and just a click away!

15 foot Flare Parachute Canopy 24' French Olive Drab Parachute 24' Orange/White Parachute 3 Pack Of Vintage Military AK47 Pouches Airflex Combat Knee Pads Army Issue Reflective P.T. Jacket Army Surplus Duffle Bag Austrian Army 3pc Helmet Austrian Army Backpack Austrian Army BDU pants Austrian Army Goretex Mountain Parka Austrian Army Mountain Troop Pants Austrian Army Mountain Troop Parka Austrian Army olive drab poncho Austrian Army Tactical Vest Austrian Mess Kit (Used) Austrian Military 1qt canteen cover Austrian Military Shovel Austrian Rubberized Rain Poncho Austrian Trigger Finger Ski Mittens Austrian Winter Trigger Mittens Belgian Poncho (Shelter Half) Black Italian Pistol Belt Black Tactical Combat Vest British Army Issue Camouflage netting British Desert Camouflage Shorts British DPM Field Jacket British Mulitcam Tan UBAC Shirt British Multicam Shorts British OD Canvas Backpack British Royal Mail Courier Bag British Tactical Combat Vest Brown Military T-Shirt Set Bulgarian Cotton Canvas Shoulder Bag Casualty Evacuation Sleeping Bag Cold Weather Underwear GI (Top) Complete US Military Modular Sleep System Czech Army 3pc Sleeping Bag Czech Army Camouflage Netting Czech Army Helmet Czech Army Rain Poncho Czech CM4 Gas Mask Czech Officer's Shoulder Bag Czech Ushanka Hat East German Rain Pattern Camo Duffle Bag Finnish Canvas Shoulder Bag Finnish Wool Jacket Forsheda A4 Gas Mask French Bolle Goggles French Foreign Legion Helmets Gen I Woodland Camo ECWS Parka Genuine GI 100% Wool Brown 5-Button Sweater German Army Tri-fold Shovel German Flecktarn Backpack German Flecktarn Backpack German Flectarn Parka German Flectarn Sympatex Rain Jackets German Flectarn Sympatex Rain Pants German Mountain Rucksack German Snow Camo Poncho German Winter Camo Cape German Woodland drop leg holster Gov’t Issue M17 Medical Supply Bag Hammers 10 x 50 Binoculars Hungarian Army Helmet Intermediate Cold Sleeping Bag (New) Italian Air Force Espresso Cup Italian Air Force Tablecloth Italian Air Force tea cup and saucer Italian Air Force Wine Carafe Italian Olive Oil Can Italian Wool Jeep Cap Korean Wool G.I. field shirt M-16 Gun Cleaning Kit Multicam FR Army Combat Pants Nato NBC Filter Replacement New GI Military Extreme Cold Sleeping Bag Night Vision Monocular OD Italian San Marco Backpack Olive Drab Italian Pistol Belt Polish Army Helmet Polish issue military backpack Red Dot 2x42 Scope Red Dot Reflex Tactical Sight Russian Leopard Camo Backpack Snow Camo Drop Leg Holster Swedish Army Leather Mittens Swedish Army Parka Swedish Army Wool Sweater Swedish WWII canvas gaiters Swiss Alpenflage Heavyweight Parka Swiss Army Air Raid Siren Swiss Army Alpenflage Cap Swiss Army Front Blackout Light Swiss Army Small Blackout Marker Swiss Army Wool Sweater - Used Swiss Issue Dashboard Blackout Light Swiss issue Salt and Pepper Gas Mask Bag Swiss Military Sniper Net Swiss S.I.G. Gun Cleaning Kit Swiss White Snow Poncho Tacgear Flecktarn Evasion Backpack U.S. Army Nylon PT Pants U.S.G.I. issue Woodland Gore-tex sleeping bag cover US Army PT Shorts US Army PT Training Jacket US GI Chemical Suit US issue Sleeping Bag Carrying Strap Assembly US Issue Woodland Camo Alice Pack / Tire Cover US Military Extreme Cold Sleeping Bag US Military Intermediate Cold Sleeping Bag US Military Modular Sleep System US Navy Issue Wool Sweater US Spec Marpat Pants Used Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat USGI M1950 Trouser Suspenders USGI Military Folding Stretchers USMC PT Sweatshirt USMC Sweatpants Utility Wool Blanket Wallace Beery Underwear Tops Wool Fingerless Gloves Wool Trigger Finger Inserts M-1948 WW2 Wool Sleeping Bag Liner WWII USMC Reversible Poncho