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McNett Camo Form - Reusable Heavy-Duty Fabric Wrap

McNett Camo Form - Reusable Heavy-Duty Fabric Wrap,  allows for camouflage flexibility and customization of your weapon or other equipment unlike any other product. Camo Form is a self-adhering, camouflage wrap that is removable, reusable, and won't leave a sticky residue behind. Use it on guns, scopes, knives, treestands, flashlights—whatever you’re taking into the field.

Camo Form stretches and sticks to itself, conforms to any shape for a custom fit, and helps protect from dust and debris, reducing overall equipment maintenance. When it gets dirty or wet, simply remove, wash, let dry and reapply. The heavy-duty fabric not only protects and conceals tactical gear, but adds grip, insulates hands from hot or cold surfaces, and quiets clanking objects. Need we say more!?