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Kid's Wiz Headlamp

SKU: BH-11296
Available Online Only
Product Description

Kid's Wiz Headlamp

Designed specifically for kids, the Wiz features functional but toned-down illumination for backyard or bedroom exploration and to prevent kids from blinding parents, friends or the boogey man (2 LED). The smaller elastic has cool graphics and is designed to release under force so that the little one won't get stuck on branches. An easy-access Positron on/off switch activates one brightness setting or the strobe mode when it's time to have some fun. We know that it's easy to fall asleep with the light on, so the Wiz automatically turns off after one hour. Wt: 1.1 oz/2 oz (without/with batteries).

•Power Source: 2 AA (included)

•Burn Time: 35 hours

•Maximum Distance: 10 m

•Max Lumens: 16