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Catoma Tactical Tents & Shelters

Catoma Tactical Shelters, Tents and Bednets are high-quality, military equipment made for difficult military, camping, and wilderness environments. Catoma started building tents in 1993 for the USDI Wilderness Firefighters, providing durable, dry, and rapid deploy shelters for every situation. Catoma's patented "Speedome" tent and shelter frames deploy in anywhere from 30-seconds to 3-minutes, depending on the size of your shelter!

Catoma Outdoor understands and appreciates the need for soldiers and outdoorsman alike to have reliable, dry, and insect free shelters they can rely on, and is proud to say that some of their tents are actively being used by the U.S. Army and Marines. Shelter when you need it, field-tested so you can trust it.