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Can Cold Weather make you sick?

As the weather begins to get chillier in this part of the country, it always seems that the number of people with Colds and Flu seems to rise. Why is that? And of course everyone remembers their Mom telling them to put on a hat and a coat so that they do not catch cold. So was Mom right? Well of course she was.


It turns out that even slight changes in body temperature can change the speed at which Rhinoviruses (which cause colds) multiply in mice based on a study published by Yale University last year. Colder temperatures also affect autoimmune responses which let the Rhinoviruses replicate unchecked.

So what can you do to prevent catching a cold and other winter maladies.

1. Wash your hands often. We pickup germs on our hands from the gym, while shopping, handling money etc. 

2. Try not to touch your face or as my Parents used to say don't pick your nose. Touching your face quickly spreads the rhinoviruses.

3. Don't Smoke. Smoke increases susceptibility to colds and other infections.

4. Use disposable items if someone in your family is ill. Throw away items after use to reduce the exposure.

5. Keep household surfaces clean.

6. Use Paper Towels for hand washing and do not reuse.

7. Don't reuse tissues.

8. Maintain a healthy life style including, exercise, sleep and a healthy diet.

9. Try not to get stressed out. Stress creates pressure on your immune system.

10 Wear warm Clothing. Mom was right warm hats, gloves and jacket help to protect you.