Aug 29, 2016
New Condor Tactical Gear
New Arrivals from Condor Outdoor who makes high quality moderately priced tactical gear and clothing.   Condor 52" Sniper Drag Bag has four interior…
Aug 18, 2016
Save Your Back By Packing Right
Aug 12, 2016
Situational Awareness And Why You Should Be Using It
Most people are familiar with the concept of situational awareness from movies such as The Bourne Series and special ops movies. This concept can seem…
Aug 10, 2016
How to collect water in a jungle environment
Jungle Water Collection As I'm sure you are aware, jungle environments tend to be very wet and damp. This can be a pain when trekking through them, but…
Aug 09, 2016
Poker Versus War
Poker is a past time for many teenagers on Saturday nights to deployed troops in their downtime alike. This game of strategy, cause and effect, and rapid…