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About Us

My family started the Barre Army Navy Store in 1980 at our location here at 955 North Main St. in Barre, Vermont.

My sister Penny, brother Alden and I all worked in some capacity here in the early 1980's as we were going to school and after a few years all moved on to our respective fields. Personally I was lucky to get a scholarship and after 4 years of Norwich University a commission in the Army.

My Dad kept the store growing and put money back into it instead of many times taking a salary. My Mom did the books and payroll.

It is a testimony to their perseverance that the store lasted at all, as locally, we draw from a 30 mile radius of perhaps 50,000 people. We do have to thank all the people who have supported us locally as well as online.

After 4 years in the Army, I felt I wanted to return home and came back here to work full time in 1988. I worked together with my parents doing all the aspects of the business. We did not make much but overall it was a good learning experience for myself. In the late 1990's my parents decided to semi retire to Newark, VT.

In 1999 on my father's urging we started our first web site and began to learn how to add products and deal with shipping, credit cards and customer service.

We have continued to grow and change with the changing online landscape.


Steve Barbour