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Winter Wear

Heat your core, and defend against the elements. Winter wear means dressing in layers! From thermals and long underwear, to sweaters, jackets, parkas, hats, and gloves in fleece, leather, and the widest variety of windproof, waterproof, and breathable materials available from head to toe, to keep you warm, dry, and battling forward.

Winter can be one of the best times of year to be outdoors. With the leaves off the trees, the views and vistas can be simply breathtaking. The lack of underbrush in the woods means new trails and new destinations, and the simple pleasure that is the peaceful quiet of winter can be more rewarding than the warmest days of summer. But with all the reasons winter beckons us outdoors, there are also serious risks; enjoying your winter adventure to the fullest means being fully prepared. 

We start with the basics - heat your core, and stay dry! Hypothermia and frostbite can come on quick if you get wet and are exposed to extreme or even mild cold. Militaries, sailors and fisherman across the Northern Hemisphere have been using wool to stave off the cold of the mountains and the wet winds of the high seas for generations. Wool retains your body's heat extremely well. Worn as close to the skin as you can get, woolen long underwear traps your body's heat and keeps it there where you need it most. Wool is also highly water resistant; untreated wools that still have the fatty lanolin from the original animal can be almost waterproof.

We've come a long way over the years, and traditional wool is not the only option anymore. Not only have there been impressive advances in woolen textiles for everything from skivvyies to scarves, but synthetics have pretty much saturated the market with incredible options for base layer and broadside protection against the elements.

The key here is this: LAYER! From the inside out, starting with a solid wool or synthetic base layer to warm your core. Be prepared to add and remove layers as needed keeping a waterproof layer on the outside at all times. 

Barre Army Navy has everything you need to dress, pack and prepare to be safe wherever your next winter adventure takes you, so don't be left out in the cold, layer up today!