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Revolt Black Diamond Headlamp

SKU: rbdh-17257
Available Online Only
Product Description

The Revolt Black Diamond Headlamp is a rechargeable headlamp that can be powered by either three Black Diamond NiMH AAA or three standard alkaline batteries (included). The ReVolt automatically detects which batteries are loaded, and rechargeables can be recharged via a USB cable. The ReVolt features one TriplePower LED, two SinglePower LEDs, two SinglePower red LEDs, and a battery level/charge status indicator. Settings include full strength in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red night vision and lock mode. All angle splash and water protection. Wt: 3.4 oz (with batteries).
Max Lumens: 110 (alkaline) 90 (NiMH)
Max Distance on High: 70m (alkaline) 66m (NiMH)
Max Distance on Low: 11m (alkaline) 9m (NiMH)
Max Burn Time on High: 70 hrs (alkaline) 12 hrs (NiMH)
Max Burn Time on Low: 300 hrs (alkaline) 190 hrs (NiMH)
Water Resistant: IPX4
Power Source: Rechargable NiMH AAA or 3 standard AAA