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Reliable Tipi Liners

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Product Description

The Tipi Liner is three pieces of canvas sewn to follow the contour of the bottom 6 ft. of the tipi. The liner is used in the summer to provide the needed upward flow of air for ventilation and also to help draft smoke from your fire up through the smoke flaps. In the winter, the liner provides an insulation barrier against the cold and wind as well as the drafting qualities for the smoke from your fire.

Current turnaround times are 3-5 weeks

The liner hangs from a rope you would string from pole to pole around the inside of the tipi. The bottom 6 inches can be left on the ground to keep out cold winds and any small critters that may be wandering the area.



The liner’s an integral part of the tipi that provides ventilation, weather protection, etc. you need between 40’ and 60’ of rope depending on the size of the tipi. This rope is included with your liner. Mark each pole on the inside, 66” up from the ground, being sure to measure with the slope of the poles and not vertically. A stick 66” long works well for marking. The liner is approximately 71” high and this will give you about 5” on the ground. Because of the way the poles are sloped, the liner appears to slope back to front – it is suppose to!! Tie one end of the rope to the lift pole 3” above your mark. Go around the tipi on the inside with the rope, wrapping each pole one time as shown below.


IMPORTANT: Wrap the poles from front to back so the rope will be on the inside of the poles. Now slide the rope down to your marks. This will tighten it up!


Now the liner itself… Spread out the liner around the inside of the tipi. The top of the liner has nylon ties at every panel seam. There are also ties about 5” from the bottom and these should be facing the tipi cover (facing out). Start your liner with the largest section (in some sizes all the sections are the same size) opposite the door opening and work your way around the tipi. Start new sections with about 12” overlap and continue around the rest of the tipi. Pull it pretty snug and don’t worry that the ties don’t always hit the tipi poles (they’re not designed to). Most liners are designed to also cover your door opening if you desire.

To finish the liner off, just pull the bottom taut from the outside, tie to stake using the ties provided. If the liner ties are not close to a cover stake use another stake for the liner. These do not need not to be strong or large stakes as the liner ties simply hold the liner in place. The liner can hang straight down, be staked down, tied to the poles or another rope wrapped around the bottom of the poles.