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Icy Conditions call for Microspikes

It is truly amazing how many people are out hiking this time of year in icy conditions with no microspikes. I was out over the weekend and saw ~ 50 people on Camel's Hump about the same on Mount Mansfield and less then 50% had some form of traction. Which leaves you swinging from the trees or hurting environmentally sensitive areas if you have nothing on your feet.

In conditions like that pictured above it takes a second to make a critical mistake that can lead to a broken bone or leave significant skin behind on a rock. Trust me I've done it.

So you get a nice pair of shiny spikes, how do you use them? 

What I also saw Saturday were folks that were sliding on their spikes. Spikes do get dull but if you do not keep your weight over the top of your spikes they can easily slip out from under you. Walking should also be done heel to to as with crampons to keep maximum spike in contact with the ice and snow.